Municipality Kabelsketal

The Municipality Kabelsketal is situated in the Central German Metropolitan region around the cities Leipzig and Halle and is part of the Saalekreis District in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Kabelsketal is situated in a rural and disadvantaged region. The unemployment rate is over 20 per cent, which leads to social problems. The economy and purchasing power is low. This is why Kabelsketal has been engaging itself in European projects since 2007 in order to contribute to the development of the municipality as a part of Europe. In this way, we want to enhance the sense of belonging and strengthen citizens’ commitment to our community.


Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue Service

Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue Service provides fire and rescue services to municipalities of Frederikssund, Halsnaes, Hilleroed, Gribskov, Egedal and Furesoe in the center of the island of Zealand, in Denmark. The six municipalities are home to approximately 250.000 inhabitants, who live within a land area of 1058 square kilometers.

The key activities and responsibilities of the fire service include responding to and preventing; fires, road accidents, flooding, fires in ports, lakes, creeks and smaller streams, hazardous material and chemical incidents, major incidents including terrorist attacks, boat preparedness and providing other humanitarian services such as rescuing casualties from a variety of emergency scenarios. With 4 volunteer fire stations with approx. 100 volunteers, the volunteers are a big part of the fire and rescue service. They assist to incidents, where they can supply with light, air, material, personnel, food etc. They can also provide first aid assistance.


Vatrogasna zajednica Grada Zagreba

Zagreb Firefighting Association was established in 1930 on the historical foundations of fire fighting in Zagreb (first volunteer department in 1867 and professional department in 1910). Today, the Association unites 57 volunteer departments spread all over the city area and Zagreb fire department (professional department). The Association has 9115 members, of which 2538 children and youth, 3682 operational members and 2895 reserved members.

In the Association work 4 paid staff, while president, vice president, commander and deputy commander are volunteers. The main characteristic of the Association is the large number of highly trained volunteers available at any moment to act in coordination with Professional fire department.

Contact person: Siniša Jembrih,


Mittetulundusühing Misso vabatahtlikud

Mittetulundusühing Misso vabatahtlikud is a volunteer fire brigade in the south of Estonia - Misso rural municipality in Võru county. Misso has borders with Russia and Latvia. The volunteer fire brigade is mainly active in the Võru county, but in some larger events also in neighbour county’s and sometimes even in Latvia. Mostly we are dealing with fire prevention in our own village, but of course also in events of fire and different disasters control.

In our local volunteer fire department we have 22 members and they all are volunteers. Nobody gets regular salary. Since Mittetulundusühing Misso vabatahtlikud is a volunteer fire brigade, we are familiar with the legal regulations for volunteer fire brigades in Estonia as well as with the organisation and financing of them. We are closely cooperating with the local administration and the government.


Devetaki Plateau Association

DEVETAKI PLATEAU ASSOCIATION is a Bulgarian non-for-profit legal entity, established in 2008 to stimulate the development, improve the quality of live and promote the region of Devetaki Plateau. The organization unites the people living in ten villages on the Devetaki Plateau situated in 3 municipalities - Sevlievo, Letnitsa and Lovech. The main activities of Devetaki Plateau Association are aiming at preservation and development of the national, economic, and social resources, increasing the capacity of local people to manage natural assets and make the Plateau an attractive place for tourism, outdoor recreation, living and learning. The organization’s members come from various backgrounds and occupations – farmers, cultural figures, young people, local authorities, retired people, NGOs and businesses, united and motivated to work for the sustainable development of the region. The municipalities are partners of the Association, supporting its projects and initiatives.



Innova Észak-Alföld Regionális Fejlesztési és Innovációs Ügynökség Nonprofit Kft. (Innova Észak-Alföld Regional Development and Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd.) was established with the aim of boosting the regional economy and of aiding innovative initiatives. In recent years Innova has been active on county and regional level as well, maintaining close connection to stakeholders, building a bridge between them and the national decision-makers. The agency and its employees have substantial experience with various calls (INTERREG, FP7, Horizon 2020) both as partners and as leaders of projects and of WPs/CPs. INNOVA is active on the field of innovative procurements and participating in FP7 projects using PCP instruments (Smart@fire, IMAILE). The goal of Smart@fire was to create a Personal Protective Equipment of firefighters using innovative technology. Moreover Innova is in contact with experts from many areas.

Contact: Dorisz Tálas –


Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH

Wisamar is a non-profit educational institute in Leipzig, Germany, acting in vocational, cultural and adult education. Wisamar is accredited by TÜV as education provider according to AZAV principles (employment activities for the Federal Employment Office) and also by the Office for Migration and Refugees as Integration Course Provider. Wisamar works in the following areas: Labour market and social integration, Further education, EU Mobility & Mobility Consultancy and as Project Office for different EU funded projects. Together with partners from the Leipzig-Halle region as well as from all over Europe we are committed to common European activities in education as well as regional development.

Contact: Carola Dierich –