4th Newsletter

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4th Newsletter of the FireVall project

5th Transnational meeting

The fifth – and unfortunately last – transnational meeting of the FireVall project took place in Sevlievo, Bulgaria, on 10th and 11th of July 2019. Especially for this occasion, the volunteer fire fighters participating in the meeting brought their uniforms to compare them and also to take a nice group picture.

During this meeting the partnership summarized the different topics covered throughout the project and wrapped up the project activities. Therefore, also the final reporting including finances, evaluation and dissemination activities were discussed. Since the partners are eager to cooperate also in the future, new project ideas were collected.

Visits to the voluntary fire brigade in Letnitsa and the professional fire station in Sevlievo were also part of the program and gave all partners a deeper insight into the Bulgarian realities. In Letnitsa the partners also had the opportunity to discuss the Bulgarian system of firefighting with the mayor and the regional fire chief. We are very thankful to our Bulgarian partner for hosting and organizing such a great meeting.

3rd Newsletter

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3rd Newsletter of the FireVall project

4th Transnational meeting

On 27th and 28th of February 2019 the project partners met already for the 4th time. This time the meeting took place in Misso, Estonia, close to the borders of Latvia and Russia.

Training and education of volunteer fire fighters in the partner countries were the main topics discussed at this meeting. It became apparent, that the duration of the basic education and training varies extremely from one country to another. Depending on this basic training also the tasks given to volunteer fire fighters are different.

During the meeting the project partners also had the chance to visit Rõuge voluntary fire station and Võru professional fire station in order to get information about the activities, tools and vehicles of these stations in Estonia. In Rõuge participants were greeted by a representative of the municipality and the member of parliament for the region. A big thank you to our Estonian partner for making us feeling warm in the cold and snowy winter.

3rd Transnational meeting

For the third transnational project meeting the partners this time met in Frederikssund, Denmark, on 12th and 13th of September 2018.

The topic of this meeting were the organization, financing and legal regulations regarding volunteer fire brigades in the partner countries. The partners presented their systems in detail and discussed the pros and cons. In this way the partners exchanged ideas what could be changed in their local circumstances to improve the system.

We had the chance to visit two volunteer stations as well as one station with part-time fire fighters. Since one of the tasks of volunteer fire fighters in Denmark is to cater for the teams during long operations, they wanted to show us their skills and prepared a very nice dinner for us. We would like to thank the Danish partner for the warm welcome and the perfect organization of the meeting.

2nd Newsletter

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2nd Newsletter of the FireVall project

2nd Transnational meeting

The second transnational meeting of the FireVall project took place on 21st and 22nd of March 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia.

After a warm welcome by the mascot of the Zagreb Firefighting Association we discussed strategies from the different countries of the FireVall project how to recruit new members. Some brigades count on the work with children and their fascination to become fire fighters. In other countries volunteer fire fighters get benefits for being a volunteer. This can also help in retaining members. You will be able to read more about the different strategies soon on this website.

We also visited different volunteer fire brigades and watched the training of children and youth brigades. Many thanks to our Croatian partners for hosting us and organizing such a great meeting!

Dissemination materials are ready

You can download the materials here to help us disseminate the project further.

Poster of the FireVall project
Leaflet of the FireVall project
1st Newsletter of the FireVall project

Kick-off meeting

We were very happy to welcome all project partners for our first project meeting on 23rd and 24th of November 2017 in Kabelsketal, Germany.

During the meeting, the partners gave each other an overview about volunteer fire brigades in their country. Since there are a lot of differences regarding how many volunteers are involved, what they are allowed to do and who can become a volunteer, we got into very interesting discussions and exchanged our experiences.

In order to get a more practical view on volunteer fire brigades in Germany we visited the volunteer fire brigades in Osmünde and Zwintschöna. Besides, the kick-off meeting also served to clarify management issues as well as dissemination activities and the evaluation.